Karita Cassia Jewelry

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The Brand

We are a mood. We exceed the expectation of being just a brand with a simple piece of jewelry. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, we work by hand, our pieces are ethically sourced from our quality thread and silver from Bali, African Vinyl from Ghana to our signature quality leather pouches hand sewn in the Colorado Rockies. Each and every design is conceptualized from a feeling.

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The designer

Karita Cassia was born and raised in Miami Beach, Fl to Brazilian and Spanish parents. “I know no other world than fashion and arts. I grew up dancing classical ballet with the Miami City ballet, modeling pretty much full time between Miami and New York as a child signed under Wilhelmina and attending performing arts school for theater. I remember locking myself in my room as a young teen playing music like Pink Floyd and Counting Crows while I would cut up all my clothes to make new pieces, including jewelry, That needing to create runs deep in my blood”. Creativity, being in that space connects me to something greater. I feel aligned with my spirituality. I feel as though my job is to weave the two together. Bringing in the beauty of jewelry with the sacredness of spirit. Karita Cassia began designing jewelry after the birth of her first son, Kai. Born out of necessity and quickly growing a cult following, It was something that happened organically. “I’m not one to force things, I’m very in tune with the energy I put out and what the universe offers. I I create out of the energy I feel.”

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