Karita Cassia Jewelry

The Unexpected.

Karita Cesar

Fall is here and I haven't created my 2017 fall/winter collection. Crazy I know, but hear me out... Do you ever feel like what you originally started, what made you so excited now seemed like a chore? Or even worse, your love for what you do turned into just creating for the demand and satisfaction of others? You get so tangled in this that your creative vision takes a back seat and what you're now doing is just for the sake of a "sale". This is what's happened to me and in my new quest to "finding" my creative self again i've chosen to be brutally honest with you in the process. There are a lot of smiling faces out there dealing with internal battles and I don't think it's fair to portray a sense of self that isn't true. When things are great I want to share that with you too because it's important to spread love and hope but when it's not or i'm faced with a difficult challenge, it is my responsibility to share that with you as well.  There's a lot to come in the months ahead and i'm excited to share this journey of mine with you.